Ramki Ramakrishnan, recognized by Forbes as one of the best Elliott Wave Analysts


Elliott Wave Analysis is one of the most fascinating approaches to trading the financial markets. Congratulations! You have already taken your first steps to becoming a better trader by browsing some of the examples given in the other pages here. Wave Times is essentially a regularly updated compendium of real-world examples written by just me, Ramki, and no one else. A vast majority of Elliott Wave charts that you see in this collection had been prepared before the moves took place. You can verify this by looking at the dates at the top left corner of each chart. This means you can learn from me about how to interpret the charts and come to conclusions in advance of a move. Isn’t that cool?

If you are a newcomer to this website, you must be wondering who this Ramki is, what is his background, and how is he qualified to write about Elliott Waves. Read on.

It all started in the early 1980s, when, as a rookie trader, I had to figure out how to meet seemingly impossible financial targets. Being young, I took the advice of anyone who found the time to give me some! Pretty soon, I figured out that no one was wiser than the other. One had to master his own techniques. Elliott Wave Analysis promised to be the most challenging, and I decided to learn it, especially because my boss found it hard to understand. The more I read, the more fascinating it was. Incredibly, I was able to test its application in real time, thanks to a program called Teletrac. Eventually I became quite good at calling market turns, and when I started writing in Reuters page SCXE, I found myself making a lot of friends from around the world. Perhaps, the most prominent one is Andy Krieger , who would eventually invite me to join him in New York to advise one of the world’s wealthiest men.

I have a bunch of professional qualifications, but the one that I am particularly proud of is the ACIB (International Banking qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Bankers in London). I was the worldwide topper in these examinations and also won the Lombard Association Prize. I presently run the Treasury of a bank in the Middle East, and I choose to stay here because of the quality of life that this job gives me.

Being a trader is not easy, and my journey has had its share of ups and downs. The markets are too big for any single person or institution to make a lasting impact by his/its actions. If you can learn something from my experiences in the markets, then I am happy. My reward comes from the knowledge that someone has improved his chances for success, and his/her family is richer from that improvement. However, in order to succeed, you should be diligent. No one has achieved lasting success without investing the time and effort to master his trade. I wish you the best of luck!

P.S. I have also written a book on Elliott Waves! This book is currently only available in digital format and is called Five Waves to Financial Freedom. If you are looking for a book that will remove the mystery from Elliott Waves, then this is probably for you! Ask your friends in the market whether they have heard of FWTFF, and there is a good chance they have. You may also wish to check out the reviews on Amazon. These have been written by people I don’t know personally, but I count them as my friends, just as you have now become one. In the business of trading, we are all in the same boat! Once again, welcome to Wave Times, and I hope your journey is profitable.
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