Sep 052011

A new vendor is making my book “Five Waves to Financial Freedom” available everywhere (including areas not served by Amazon or Barnes & Noble). This vendor is offering the book in Adobe Digital Edition format and ONLY FOR TODAY, it has been listed under “Deal of the day”.

So go ahead and get your copy of Ramki’s book.
Instructions on how to read it are available in the same page.

Best wishes

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  1. Hi Ramki,

    Though I paid for my ebook, I am unable to download as it comes into my desktop only as windows explorer file. Where and how do I download as a Pdf file?


  2. Very surprised by the price Ramki! Not that I am complaining but you are giving this book away for free.
    My C.C is at home will be ordering my copy when i get home.

    • Bilal, I didn’t write the book to become commercially successful, rather to confirm my position as one of the best known Elliott Wave Analysts out there. So go ahead and enjoy! Tell everyone. Thanks and best wishes.

  3. It’s life changing concepts with excellent prices.

    Thanks Sir.

  4. Sir:

    Thank you for the update on Gold and thanks for putting it on infibeam in EPUB format. It is easier to handle this if you are not using Kindle, even though I use Kindle for PC. Have actually bought both formats now.

    Thanks once again,
    Manish Garg

  5. Dear Ramki

    I want to purchase Hard copy of your book Five waves to Financial Freedom. Please mail me where could i get the book. Every where i get only for the procedure for the purchase of E Book.

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