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  1. Mr.Ramakrishnan,
    Hello, this is Nathan from Bombay. I purchased your book
    yesterday and though I’m yet to finish it, I would like to share my thoughts
    with you on what I’ve read in the book and reviewed on your site.

    1) Your dedication to the EWP is truly appreciated. The examples and
    explanation that follows keeps me hungry for more. The charts and
    numerous examples given on your site are a second serving .
    2) I fully support with what’s written at the start of the book about other
    references / resources explaining the EWP using older material. I’m
    happy to see you’ve sourced charts from Reuters and the BSE for recent
    3) After going through your book and any articles on this, if I have any
    queries, may I communicate them to you?
    4) What advice would you have to offer to a new learner of the Elliott Wave
    5) At the risk of stretching the comments any further, I would like to end
    by saying that I feel your book should be marketed in more ways. I was
    happy to come across this book on one of India’s largest online retailers
    (infibeam), but I feel that other EWP enthusiasts who are not regular,
    online visitors may be missing out on your book.

    Thank you for reading,

    • Hello Nathan
      Thanks for your comments. While the book is selling quite steadily everyday, I did not write it with a commercial intent. That is why the pricing is also kept so low. If you could think of other ways of brining it to the notice of people, I would be delighted to hear from you. About questions on EWP itself, I try to answer whatever I can, but the fact that I have a full time day job leaves me little spare time. Good luck with your pursuits. Ramki

  2. Hi Ramki jee,

    Bought 5 waves to financial freedom ebook through infibeam. Almost finished reading & started applying EWP. Thanks for the book & real time examples on your website. Hats off & thanks alot..

  3. Sir, I trade forex. can I use the strategies explained for day trading? Is it easy to understand and implement say on a 5 minute chart?

    • Hi Fiscal, Of course you can use it in day trading as well as in 5 minute charts. If you have read my book, you will see examples of this there too.

  4. Good day Mr.Ramakrishnan
    I purchased Five Waves to Financial Freedom: Learn Elliott Wave Analysis, on February 9, 2012. I have read many books on EW, and “Five Waves to Financial Freedom” is one of the easier reads. I read it in one go. It ranks up there with Robert Miner’s philosophy of keeping the analysis of Elliot Wave simple. With the addition of the “free” wavetimes website, this book is a bargain. Similar books and courses are quite expensive compared to the value of Ramki’s book and website.
    Regards and thank you,
    Pretoria, South Africa

  5. sir
    can you suggest me place,, where i can get pdf or may be physical version of “Five Waves to Financial Freedom” ??? thank you

    • Hi Alex, I am assuming you ask because Amazon doesn’t sell in your city. Try and search for my name. Their format is Adobe Digital edition ( download the free software first) and then buy the book. Let me know if you have problems.

  6. yes sir

    got the book ,,, i will read this weekend ,,, i am really proud to be a student of you ,,,,, thanks sir

  7. i want your book. send me on my email address

  8. Since I don’t have kindle or nook, I wanted to purchase the pdf version from Infibeam, but couldn’t do this easily being a US citizen!

    • Hi Bea, you could do the following: open an Amazon account for free if you don’t already have one. Then download a free software from amazon known as Kindle for PC. Resister that software using the same email address as you did for your amazon account. Then purchase book from Amazon and it will be delivered to our pc. You could also view the book on iPhone, iPad, or any android phone so long as you can install the kindle for that device. A total of six devices can have the book on it at the same time for just one purchase! Good luck

  9. I have started active Forex Trading since about 8 months, and, like all traders, gained a little, lost a little more ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have just begun my self studies on Elliot Wave Theory, and am half way through your book purchased from Amazon. My query is:

    When you say, “In an uptrend, or a bull phase of the market,….. prices went up in five waves”. This was while defining the theory (Chapter 2 – Concept). Also, for example, when you say, “Elliot’s cycle consists of 8 waves in all, 5 up and 3 down” (Chapter 11), and “wave 4 in an impulse wave cannot overlap the top (?) of wave 1” (Chapter 9); all this makes one think that Elliot waves work only during uptrends. I have not yet reached the end of the book, but I may have come across just about one chart illustrating the theory on a downtrend.

    Does it not work as well on downtrends??

    • Jignesh, the theory works just as well with downtrends. I suggest you finish the book completely, and then visit the hundreds of examples in this blog. In recent years, there have been more signals to the downside than to the upside

  10. Ramki,
    Love your work with EWP.
    Is there a paperback version of Five Waves to Financial Freedom?


  11. Dear Ramki
    How can I buy the book? I am from Nepal. Here, the book is not available in local book store.

    • Hi Dr Jeetendra, This book is currently only available in digital form, as Kindle book. So you should sign up with the Indian branch of Then you can purchase the kindle book in a matter of minutes. Let me know if you still face problems..

  12. Hi sir wanted to ask you through credit units can I have your nifty view regularly just an enquiry sir

    • Veeraj, The exclusive club is meant for experienced traders who can be patient for the trades that I recommend. I dont send out daily or weekly comments. I trade when the time is right. So teh members use my service as an adjunct for their ideas, and not as the sole source of ideas.

  13. Dear Ramakrishna,

    How can i buy this book as i am not having kindle

    • Hi Arvind, It is not necessary to own a kindle to read a book that is in kindle format. You could read it on any PC, iphone, ipad, Android phone, tablet etc. Just download the Kindle app from Amazon and you can purchase the book. It will open up in your device. All that is required is you have an Amazon account and use the same email address to register the app as you have on your Amazon account. Best of luck.

  14. Sir, I want to understand how EWT is useful for Indian Stocks? and How successful are trades with the help of EWT in the Indian Stock Market?
    I am not a day trader.. I hold some of my positions for 3-6 months.. some for very long term.. 4-5 yrs..
    So how can EWT help me in trading as well as in investing?

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