Aug 152011

Minapharm Pharmaceuticals is an Egyptian stock that I have never heard of until a few minutes back when a reader from that beautiful country posted a request for an analysis of this stock.
Elliott Wave analysis of Egyptian stocks is no different from what we can do with a stock trading on Nasdaq or Tokyo. So lets take a quick look at the chart. As usual, my comments are brief and mostly appear on the chart. Enjoy.

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  1. Hi ,Ramki
    Firstly thank you for providing free updates on the blog, i often read you articles.
    I am Alex from china, i am studying the Elliott Way, I am are very interested in you software , Can you tell me the weblink to download the software

    • Hi Alex, I use Thomson Reuters, but as I have often stated, you don’t need any software. Any of the Free charting service is more than enough. What you need is an understanding of the Elliott Wave Principle.

  2. sir, could you please analysis momentum of gold….tq

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