May 012012

It has been a while since we looked at the Elliott Wave Analysis of Emar, an important component of the Dubai stock index. As always, there are more comments on the chart than here. Enjoy.
PS The stock is still looking positive and could test the top of wave 1 seen earlier.

  12 Responses to “Elliott Wave Analysis of Emar, Dubai”

  1. I would say I have read a lot of EW before but could not understand it; but after I purchased your book and read it I started loving EW.

    If you pls have a look at the Dubai Index, as it will be a start point for me to go forward.

    Keep up the good work and have a nice holiday.

  2. wow u where right mr. ramki….. emaar test the wave (1)….any update..

  3. mr. ramki can u please update emaar chart

  4. Please can you analyze DFM chart

  5. are we going to see new relly on feb /2013

  6. Hi Ramki, could you please update your Elliott wave analysis for DFM, please

  7. need you advice mr. ramki …is this correct wave ? are we going to see correction soon on DFM index

    • Ali, maybe a small one in the short term,but the market looks very bullish to me

      • Dear Ramki,

        Would you please give your idea about Dubai DFM market now.
        I had some shares and sold them all. I have seen the market always come down from May till July in Dubai, is it the same this year?
        Thanks in advance.

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