Nov 092010

How fast time flies! It’s been nearly six weeks since I presented you with Elliott Wave Analysis, and the EUR/USD has come a long way. During this period, the third wave had extended to slightly over 4.618 times the first wave, and we are currently in a corrective wave 4. Look out for one final move higher to complete this sequence and then be prepared for another move down. Here are your charts. I have attempted to show how the waves counts have been labelled by me, so that your learning experience is enhanced. Enjoy!

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  1. waited for awhile to get your solid update. can you please go over the dollar index.

  2. Hi Ramki, welcome back. We missed you. Hope all is going well at your end. Thanks for the Euro update!! Been going through your previous Gold posts, trying to learn from your logic. I think the current bubble we are living presents a golden opportunity as many commodities are making their fifth wave extensions.


  3. Dear Ramki,

    I was also of the view that the Euro could see a short term bottom near 1.3650 lvls and wud build longs in that area. When my view coincides with an experienced trader like’s boundless joy.
    I am surprised to see 4.618% as a Fibonacci extension. Isn’t 4.236% the right one? Pls. throw some light on the various extensions and retracements you use.

  4. we’ve been anxiously Waiting for your updates.
    you are welcome and your views are always the best


  5. Thanks for your update Ramki. Your update is clear and easy to understand. Will stay tuned.

  6. Ramki is back – with a bang !!!

  7. sir, if you dont mind, your views once again on sensex for november 2010

  8. Your analysis and your experience worth the long wait Thank you for your creativity Ramki With the wishes of durable shine

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