Mar 132012

My comments giving Elliott Wave analysis of Google Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) appeared on Forbes on 12 March 2012

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  1. Hello Ramki,

    What did you think of Google’s move today ? If it goes above $627 (appears likely), wouldn’t that still be valid for your theory since it could be carving out a wave 2 correction on the larger wave C ? Love your book by the way. Thanks.

    • Hello SC,
      Yes there is no change to the outlook at present. Bear in mind that I am not recommending a sell short. Just that we should be prepared for a decline. I can’t see any fundamental reason for the move, but something will trigger it. Lets be patient

  2. You wrote recently about Google and concluded with:
    “A final few words is appropriate. When shall we agree that this (Elliott Wave of analysis of Google)… wrong? I will concede that something is amiss if the stock goes above $627 directly.”

    So, Google stock HAS gone above $627 “directly”. What is your interpretation?

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