Nov 022011

Elliott Wave Analysis of EURUSD is explained in easy to understand charts. You too can apply these techniques in your own trading. Enjoy!

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  1. Hello Ramki!
    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this EURUSD update. Just a couple of hours ago I made my own analysis of this currency pair and… voila! My counting looks exactly like yours, even minor waves! I guess I’ve learned something from you Ramki :-))
    Once again thank you VERY MUCH for your incredible work!

  2. Hi Ramki,

    In your last chart in this post on the EURUSD, how can wave 3 be the shortest?



  3. Hi Normand, look again. Wave 3 is 161.8% of wave 1. Sometimes our eyes play tricks!

  4. Hello Ramki!

    Your explanation is clear as your book! Congratulations.

    Tom Pallagi from Hungary

  5. This one is a specially superb call – at 1.3776, it required a genius to call for a double zig-zag. Brilliant Ram!!!

  6. RKG, thank you

  7. Hi Ramki,
    is the 5 waves 0-5 above equal to wave A of higher level. Where EURUSD has been now in larger timeframe? In your Five Waves book, you said all impulse waves are made of 5 waves. How about the impulse wave 1 above. Can it be an exeption?

  8. Hi Ramki,
    Just finished your book,gotta say that was a great one.Now about eur\usd,i did a different count and i think we at the begining of wave 3 on the bearish trade!

    • Hi Artyom, thanks. As I have said often, it is perfectly possible for us to have different counts that appear to be valid at any point in time. We will only know later which one is correct. Our goal is to profit from our own count. Good luck.

  9. I tried to correlate the same fibs on the U.S. dollar index (DXY), but could not on the exact same timescale. The wave one is too short and wave 3 comes to about 4 times wave 1. If I should call this extended, wave 5 should be equal to 1 but turns out it is even more extended than wave 3.

    • Hi Shiva, These are the types of challenges that will make you get better at EWP. Wh dont you post in the forum and ask others to comment on it? Good luck.

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