Oct 022012

Ramki Ramakrishnan’s Elliott Wave Analysis of Apple (NYSE:AAPL) appears in Forbes today

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  1. very informative article mr. ramki. i like your 2nd chart indicating wave 3 at 644. that is where macd tops out. it even shows a divergence!


  2. what a coincidence iphone 5 marks the end of wave 5! i predict the next series of iphones will have letters in model numbers…… iphone a, iphone b, iphone c

  3. Some interesting analysis Ramki on Apple. It highlights what we as traders deal with.
    It could be…
    It might be….
    It should be….
    As you say no one knows the future, to pick tops/bottoms, and major turning points within any market,
    However, having traded with and without the use and guidelines of Elliott Wave and Fibonacci relationships to market movement, I feel you will always be in a better position to understand the mkt using these tools. Yes there could be more than one applicable wave count, but that’s the job, place your trade and your stop, and move on.
    Keep up the good work, people can learn a great deal from these pages,

    • Hi KB, you summed it up nicely. What EWP can do is to give us a broad plan of action. Then we try and fine tune it as we approach our low risk levels. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, and we take a small loss.When it does work, it works fabulously.

  4. HIHI Dott. Ramki,
    if poss. can you give us an update on the euro? (medium term? pls)

  5. Dear Ramki,
    Just for your info, the Greek General Index climbed today at 830 (+76%) since 470 low.

  6. Hi Ramki,

    I’m watching AAPL and just saw this article. Needless to say, I wasn’t able to participate in this strong down move. Now that AAPL had gone past the 586 target, do you have an update of this analysis? Some chart indicators would normally indicate oversold levels if applied in past corrections. But if 705 is wave 5 top, what would be the downside target now? Does this mean the transition of AAPL from growth to value stock? Thanks.


  7. What the outlook on AAPL now?
    Time to buy or sit aside

  8. Thank you for your reply.looking at current apple chart here the stock has seen 589 move and back!to527, now trading at 542, looking at thencurrent trend whichbwave are we in?

  9. Hi Ramki,
    Does the peak at 705 look like a big wave 5 now?

    Best Regards.

  10. Hi Ramki,
    I’ve been following you since this post, and have been following Apple’s correction since then. I finished your book and it has paid off indeed!

    This question is for learning purposes, has Apple just started its next impulse cycle or is it only completing the 5th wave of C?

    Thank you in advance.

  11. Hi Ramki

    This question is for learning purposes,looking at current apple chart has Apple just completed its extended 5 th wave cycle or is it only completing the 5th wave of C?

    • Subodh, For the time being I will consider it as wave 5 of C, and will be more than happy if I could ride the recovery that will come at the end of the 5th wave of C. As a trader who knows EWP, I can always take a fresh look as it moves higher

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