Oct 052011

If you have purchased “Five Waves to Financial Freedom” then I have a special update for you. However, this is going to be sent out by email. All you have to do is to write a small note to the following email address, indicating whether you purchased it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Infibeam. The email address is: 5waves2ff@gmail.com . In the subject line please write “Special Update”

By the way, you needn’t worry about missing out on the special update if you have not purchased the book! It only enhances the value of the book, and all you have missed is just another learning experience!

The image you see here is the first page of the special update.

  16 Responses to “Five Waves to Financial Freedom is a ‘living book’ !”

  1. thank you Sir Your update enhances the value of the ebook

  2. First of all Sir THANK YOU SO MUCH for this book. This book is a miracle.
    I buy this book last month, So still i need update.Please advise.


  3. Is there a real book I can buy? I learn better with a book I can page through and hi-lite and make notes on! Thank you for this book it is wonderful……but I would prefer a “real” physical book…. Elaine

    • Hi Elaine, Thanks for your note. I agree that a paper book would be handy, although one would lose the hyperlinks. Should I come out with a paper edition, I will surely announce it on WaveTimes.

  4. sir,,, very recently one day before buying the book i saw u r article on S&P 500 signalling abc abc correction to 1400-1420 levels now i cant find that in u r articles how come it be,…also i have just purchased u r book through infibeam ,,,, but unable to register my self in the forums kindly advice

    with due regards

    • Hi Digvijay, thanks for writing. Yes, I had posted a chart from my upcoming book but as the book is likely to be delayed, I thought there is no point exciting people about it. So I took that post off. Regarding the forum, I found that I am unable to devote time for even his blog, hence will be abandoning that too. Sorry!

  5. sir i am purchase your book but i could not read this book pls help

  6. Hi,
    I bought ur book from infibeam and I must say it is one of the best books i have ever read on this topic rather the best book i read on this topic.Hatzoff to ur efforts.And another interesting thing is the low price of the book.Thank you for writing such a gem..
    I would also like to ask u about ur next scheduled webminar in kolkata and the method for registering for the same.
    Thank u

  7. Sir,
    I purchased the book from Amazon today. Can I have the special update or the book which I downloaded is updated?


  8. Excellent book. Thank you very much Ramki I will follow your analysis religiously from now on. Thanks a lot:-)

  9. Sir,
    A wonderful Book for traders who want to improve their trading and love trading. My hats off to you !
    Thanks and warm regards

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