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Mar 082012

ELliott Wave analysis warns that Hewlett Packard has 25% downside potential. Any direct recovery to around $25.40 should be sold with a close by stop, and one could start taking profits in stages from near $21.50, riding a core position down to $17.35. Take a look at this chart of Hewlett Packard [NYSE: HPQ].

Elliott Wave Analysis of Hewlett Packard

Elliott Wave Analysis of Hewlett Packard

You can see several Elliott Wave relationships that were respected. These have all been explained in detail in my book “Five Waves to Financial Freedom” in simple language. If you already have that book, you could use this chart as yet another example of how the magic of Elliott Wave could have helped you trade this (and other stocks) profitably on so many occasions. You never need to take big risks in the market. Elliott Waves allow you to identify low-risk entry levels. Enjoy.

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  1. Dear Ramki
    I am your royal fan. You make fantastic analysis always.
    Could you post some up-to-date chart analysis about China SSEC ShangHai stock market with your Elliott theory?

  2. Dear Ramki……HPQ is in the $17 price range today, as you projected back in March. We, all of us here at your site, are often amazed at your ability to see the future. We, are truly fortunate to know you. Good fortune….

  3. ” All I can say is I am blessed to be able to share my insights with others. ”

    And so are we, having found you.

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