May 092012

Hello ye punters! I am off on a month-long holiday and will miss all the action that you are going to make happen! I will try and be in touch when possible, but this time it is family first!

My best wishes to you and your families.

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  1. Mr Ramki, you are very kind, and I would love to be in one of those cities, but I am afraid I will not be possible, I really admire your profesionality, and friendship.
    Best holidays for you an your family!

    (PD: Just if you can, I´d appreciate very much your view on EUR/GBP, thank you!)

  2. Thanks Ramki for all your help to newbies like me. Have a great time with family. Any chance of visiting detroit MI? If so please let me know. We can defenitely have Coffee / Lunch / Dinner — Ur call

    Have A great time


  3. before you go a small thank you
    if you could post something on usdinr
    have a good time and enjoy mr.ramki

  4. I hope you find your family in good health and you have a wonderful vacation. You are truly a wonderful and kind person.

    Best wishes!

  5. Hi Ramki
    Thanks for offering Coffee. I bought your book last week, its a book full of concentrated stuff inside. I like it. I have started applying those methods.
    Wish u happy journey and all the best for conducting workshops!!!
    Thank you
    Nishant .

  6. hihih Dott Ramki
    fun and sun……. for you


  7. Sir, I am new to elliott wave and have bought your book for reference. Thanks for your constant updates, I definitely learned something here! On an arithmetic scale, wave 3 equals 1.618 times of wave 1. Is there a special formula to calculate the wave 3 in the logarithmic chart?

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