Jul 242012

Folks, I am a latecomer to the social network, but it might be of interest to many of you to vist
(a) http://www.facebook.com/wavetimes
(b) http://twitter.com/WaveTimes

I understand that the more ‘likes’ one gets on the facebook the happier one should feel ๐Ÿ™‚ and sure, I would love to have you as my facebook friend. Of course, given my full time job, you are not going to see what I did on my weekend, or some such thing. Neither am I going to tweet that I just had a vanilla ice cream. The goal remains the same. To share with a worldwide audience whatever knowledge I have, and to make you all better traders in the process. So go ahead, and check out the two sites above. And tell your friends!

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  1. Ramki,

    How about having a similar page on Google+? Better compatibility with Android and Picasa (for graphs), plus you could do a hangout (video conference) with up to 10 people…something that no other social media sites offer.


    • Hi Rajiv, Thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t learnt how to do these things! And missed connecting to a lot of folks. If you know of a “dummies’ guide to set up G+ please let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’d humbly recommend to everyone here a review of the March 2012 post by our fearless leader “Ramki” on Hewlett Packard. Truly…remarkable!

  3. Ramki Sir,

    It is nice to have you on Twitter and Facebook.

    But it is my personal belief that whatever learning we get here is unparalleled.

  4. hi ramkiji…..as ur trgt eurusd hv been hit bullseye do u think there may be a significant correction upwards……plz update eur jpy as well…..and a count on dxy

  5. ramkiji waiting fr ur nxt update on eurusd…..and nifty

  6. Hi Ramki,

    Good to see you on the social media.

    When you get some chance, it would nice if you could do some analysis of EURJPY.



  7. Hi Ramki,

    HD (Home Depot) just made a new high, Is the chart from last week still valid? Will it be revisited?


    • Hi Newbie, Sadly, this analysis of HD turned out to be a bummer. I am not currently able to figure out the wave structure. When this happens I would recommend getting out and look for other opportunities

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