Jan 032012

Starting tomorrow, I will also be contributing on Forbes. The content on Forbes will be different from what you read in WaveTimes. If you liked what you have seen here, it is very likely you wll enjoy reading my commentary on Forbes as well. It is easy to sign-up for that. Here is the link: Ramki on Forbes
Click on the +Follow Me just below my photo, and follow the instructions. Enjoy!

  10 Responses to “Ramki Ramakrishnan on Forbes”

  1. Many kudos sir !!! We love to read your posts and learning a lot…

  2. Best Wishes, Ramki.

  3. Congratulations Sir. Well you are truly getting the recognition you deserve. Good luck. Looking to read insightful analysis via Forbes.

  4. Do we need a paid subscription to read on Forbes or its a free content

  5. Looking forward to your work Sir.

  6. It is free, Joe.
    Ramki, I am following there as well!

  7. Hi Ramkiji. All the Best wishes for your Forbes column. IYou have achieved yet one more milestone of the life. I hope the analysis there is not going to resticted to U.S. assets.!!

  8. I look forward to your writings in Forbes, Ramki.

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