Nov 132008

The Saudi markets have lost more than half its value since the beginning of the year. How much more pain can they bear? Looks like there is scope to fall by at least another 12%. Check out this chart.

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  1. the saudi market was the first in the region today to breakout from its downtrend since 2006 from 21000 and breakoiut was at 6580 and currently trading at 6750 levels.

  2. Hi Ramki, will be kind please to update us with your view on Dubai markets. Many thx.

  3. Dear ramki I wish to know your point of view in the Saudi market Thank you very much

  4. Dear Ramki, Looking forward to hear from you your updated analysis of Saudi Market.


  5. […] in November 2008, I had written how the Saudi stock index has left investors shell-shocked, and that the pain was far from over. The index came off by another 25% from the time of those […]

  6. Dear Ramki
    Kindly update the Saudi market chart and give us your expectation for the coming days.


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