May 042011

Hello again..I thought of spending a few minutes on the hourly chart of Silver to see if there are any clues. My analysis and comments appear on the chart itself. This is a sequel to yesterday’s detailed update on Silver.

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  1. Dear Ramki, Can I identify wave three in advance? Can I identify wave two bottoms? Please advise….Good Fortune, Bob

    • Hi Bob, Identify a significant bottom. Then wait for a mini 5-wave pattern to be completed. Then get ready to buy into a 50% to 60% pullback in anticipation of wave 3. However, be aware that at this point, you are still trading your paradigm. You will follow the rules and guidelines of wave principle. Once wave 3 starts you will know by the speed of the move that things are working out. Wave 2 bottoms can be anticipated by relating the internal waves of the 2nd wave to each other. You might start by reading a good book and return to this blog for real-life examples. Good luck.

  2. hello sir
    Me App Ka Bolg Daily Dekhata Hu Mast View Milata Hai Aap Ka Is Se Mere Ko Help Bohat Hota Hai But Sir App Mcx Commodities Ke Bhi Chart DIya Karo Sir Plz Tell Sir Any Tacnikal Sikhane Ke Liye Koi Book Ya Kuch Idea Dijiye sir Jis Ki Me aap Ka Chart Samaj Saku
    Ismall TRder

    Thanks sir

  3. Dear Ramki,

    I apreciate your work helping us sharing your market perspective. Is very hepful for us a support like this one. I hope that in the future you will have more time to make updates more frequently.

    Please consider another labeling where wave A is still unfolding with a extended wave 3 and is retracing right now in an complex wave 4.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Carlo
      The count suggested by you won’t work because wave 3 cannot be interrupted by such a huge correction inside it. Infact even the 4th wave AFTER the end of wave 3 is usually brief….

      • Hi again Ramki,

        I now understand your response. I got confused and understood incorrectly before. I was talking about an extended bearish third wave of the huge retracement that we are currently seeing. Not that we’re in a retracement of the implusive bullish third wave.

  4. sir if possible take a look @ Silver charts

  5. sir,

    pl, update silver chart , it is long time overdue from your end.


  6. SIR,

    would you confirm in silver comex , currently iis it a B wave of ABC correction from bubble high (daily chart) or correction complete means begining of new bull run start?

    Pl, pl, spare your valuable time .


  7. hi sir
    plies sir update the silver chart,
    its look like a same as gold correction, ABC form,
    c is going on
    thanks for your analysis,

  8. Ramki,
    The huge sell off today (Feb 29) in silver is a retracement of the extended fifth back to the 2nd wave? I was hoping for this but not at this speed. Wanted to check if this was a correct reading ….


    • Hi Anand,
      The sell off is steep, but from a cursory glance at the daily chart I dont think that 5th wave was extended.However, I need to get back to my office to see a proper chart and measure the waves before confirming. You could do the same too, by following the guidelines in Five Waves to Financial freedom about how you determine a wave was extended.

  9. Hello sir i have been amazed by your elliott wave analysis,can you share your opinion about current silver prices? And please advice a book to begin elliott wave analysis.

    • Hello Nikhil, Thanks for the comments. A lot of people seem to like “Five Waves to Financial Freedom” and Amazon currently ranks it well above the other books.

  10. Dear Ramiki,

    I am absolutly fascinated by your analysis and charts. Thank you very much! It would be great if you could publish an update to silver.

    Best Regards from Switzerland

  11. hi ramki i am also so exited to see that you are gona send an update soon for silver .thanks so much.thanks from usa

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